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On the first day of second grade, Maggie Adair receives a call that her daughter has been fighting.  She’s stunned, because her daughter is usually a quiet student.  New to town, widower Dr. John Martin also gets a call that his daughter has been in a fight.  He’s not surprised, since his daughter is somewhat volatile, until he finds out that she’s on the receiving end.  When the two arrive at the school, they are amazed to find out that their girls have been mixed up because they look exactly alike.  Apparently Jolene and Andi are twins separated at birth and adopted to different couples.  Is this a chance for these two families to be one?  Maggie was burned by love and John has secrets of his own.  Can they overcome their pasts and create a future?

I really enjoyed Twice the Trouble.  It is fast and somewhat short (a little over 150 pages), a perfect fit for the more hectic holiday season when you can only steal a few moments to read.  It is similar to Gill’s Summer Lover in that it is a re-release of a story originally published in the 1990s.  It doesn’t really show its age,  just a couple of spots where you might go “huh?” until you remember it is an older story (like Michael Bolton on the radio or a car phone instead of a cell phone).

It is also similar to Summer Lover in that it moves very quickly.  The romance between Maggie and John doesn’t take long to develop, although they do a good job of fighting their attraction for a while.  Both have their reservations about getting involved, most notably the fact that the girls are sisters and could be hurt if things don’t work out, but it flows very well.  Both Maggie and John are believable and interesting.  Their reasons for not getting involved, and their struggles about it, make for an interesting read.

In Twice the Trouble, Gill gives readers likable main characters, adorable little girls, and a few quirky small town citizens to liven things up.  If you’ve got some time in between shopping, cooking and wrapping, kick your feet up and slip into this enjoyable tale of two people deciding if they are ready to take a risk on love.