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The attraction between Gray Kincaid and Donna Mailer is instantaneous and undeniable.  But can Donna trust him?  Ten years ago her world was shattered by his father and half-brother, forcing her to leave home.  Now his father wants to buy her family’s campground and appears to be willing to do just about anything to get it, regardless of legality.  For Gray, Donna is his ideal woman.  Can he convince her that he’s nothing like his family?  Or will a decade old secret ruin everything?

Summer Lover is a fast, enjoyable read.  It came in at a little over a hundred pages and moved quickly.  I had some trouble with the dialogue, mostly early in the story, because Gray seemed to move too quickly and be a little pushy.  I did get past it and I think that it was partly due to the book originally being published in 1992.

I liked the plot – I thought I’d figured out how the secret would play out, but it took a little bit of a turn toward the end that was fun.   I did have issues with the way it was resolved with Gray’s father.  I felt that there could have been more detail to explain his actions and how things were going to proceed.  Overall, though, the rest of the story was engaging enough to make up for it.

The characters were fun, once I got past my initial reaction to Gray.  He overcame any negative feelings I had quickly, showing a charming, caring side to his personality.  There have been difficult moments in Donna’s life and she’s understandably wary of getting involved with Gray.  She’s somewhat sheltered because of her past and Gray has to deal with getting through her shields.

I think that for some the story may move too quickly – the book covers just a few days – but it delivers a good light read with a bit of a bite.  The time spent while Gray and Donna get to know each other is sweet, with the secrets and revelations adding some depth.