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Angie LeCroix came to Virgin River to visit her Uncle, Jack Sheridan, and decide what she wants to do with her life following a severe car accident.  She is immediately drawn to Patrick Riordan, the youngest of the Riordan brothers, who is also visiting so he can evaluate his life after his best friend dies in battle.  Both are convinced they just need some time to themselves, that is until they meet and decide they just want time alone together.  But, of course, the Sheridans and Riordans can’t help getting involved.

My Kind of Christmas is the newest in Robyn Carr’s Virgin River series.  Although it can stand alone, it will be like a holiday visit with old friends for those that have enjoyed earlier books in the series.  If this is your first, no worries – you’ll feel right at home and will want to spend more time in Virgin River reading the previous stories.  Although Carr’s little town isn’t as quirky as Jill Shalvis’s Lucky Harbor or Susan Mallery’s Fool’s Gold, it does have a lot in common with them – it’s a town full of people with big hearts, who give everything they have, creating a place that is extremely appealing even during the hard times.

Angie has a delightfully blunt charm.  She’s young but she’s had a serious, life-altering event and it’s caused her to take a closer look at where her life is headed.  Paddy is a little misguided but it is understandable for all he’s been through.  The emotional roller coaster he’s on, one of guilt, anger and grief, would play with anyone’s mind.  Once they meet, the two are inseparable – giving so much to those around them, helping each other work through their issues, and deciding where to they want to go after this break from their normal lives.  The supporting cast is wonderfully nosey, entertaining and caring.  Guaranteed to entice new readers to run out to get the rest of the series and get to know them even better.