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Babycakes, the third book in Donna Kauffman’s Cupcake Club series, is a treat – full of warmth, humor and tenderness. Kit Bellamy lost everything when her greedy brother-in-law sold the family’s pie company. Mamie Sue’s Peanut Pies was created by her great-grandmother and had been run by the women in her family for generations. Now lost on what to do with her life, Kit takes a job working for Lani Dunne’s cupcakery in the small town of Sugarberry Island. Morgan Westlake has become guardian to his brother’s orphaned niece and moves with her to the island so she can be close to both of her grandmothers. There’s a definite spark between Kit and Morgan, but can she ever overlook the fact that his family’s law firm is the one that helped take her company away from her?

With this series, Kauffman has created a wonderful world that will make you plan a visit to the Georgia coast. The inhabitants of Sugarberry Island are always fantastic – caring, quirky, funny. . . they will tug at your heart, when they aren’t tickling your funny bone.

Morgan and Kit are great together. She has her hang-ups about his family but they are resolved in a satisfying manner. He, of course, is perfect – giving, sexy, intelligent, charming …. you name it. His dedication to his niece, Lilly, is compelling and Lilly herself is delightful. Watching the three of them find their way in their new lives and with each other is endearing, making this a not to be missed, feel-good read.

***Although it is part of a series, Babycakes can be read on it’s own. I’ve only read the first book, Sugar Rush, but I enjoyed it and was looking forward to this book. And I definitely plan to pick up Sweet Stuff as soon as possible.***