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Growing up, Cheyenne Christensen didn’t have a real home. She lived like a nomad with her mother and sister, thanks to her mother’s less than honest lifestyle. But when Cheyenne was a teenager, her mother was diagnosed with cancer and the three found themselves staying for longer than normal in Whiskey Creek, putting down roots. Now, that same cancer is back and Cheyenne finds herself caring for her dying mother. She also has to deal with the fact that her best friend has expressed an interest in the man that Cheyenne has loved since high school. Add to that, she has some concerns that there was more to her childhood than her mother is telling her. And, since she is dying, if her mother doesn’t tell her now she may never know the truth. This is a lot for anyone to deal with … can she also handle an instant and uncontrollable attraction to the baddest of the infamous Amos brothers? Is this a mistake or exactly what she needs?

When Snow Falls is book three in the Whiskey Creek series, following When We Touch and When Lightning Strikes. Every time I read one of these stories I think that it is my favorite and that the next one won’t be as good … And each time I am wrong. I absolutely LOVED Dylan Amos. He reached off the pages of the book and burrowed into my heart. Dylan gave up so much and managed to not only survive but make a solid life for his brothers. He made some mistakes and he’s paying for them now, with how almost everyone looks down on him. But if only someone would take the time to look deeper they would find he is so much more. The care and support that he gives to Cheyenne, plus the dedication and sacrifices he made for his family, has made him my favorite … well, so far. With two more Whiskey Creek novels on the calendar for next year, who knows.

This is a standalone book, but I highly recommend that if you haven’t read one of Novak’s books, run right out and get one now. When We Touch is a free novella so you have no excuse. When Snow Falls is an amazing story of the bindings of family and love, and how who we are isn’t defined by those around us or by the expectations of others, but instead by who we are at our heart.