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Two years ago, Jane Clark was widowed by a fire. A fire that left her burned, with a lot of scarring and her confidence shattered. She’s now moved back to her small hometown of Lone Pine Lake with her two kids to be closer to her family while she gets back on her feet. Christian Nelson is a fire captain and close friend of her brother’s. They arrange for a tour of the station to help her children feel better about fires. There is an instant attraction between them but Chris is not one for commitment after seeing his parents’ trouble marriage and Jane has serious reservations about his job. Can the wonder of the holidays bring these two together?

Jane’s Gift is a delightful and moving story. Jane has been through so much and is understandably wary – not only of the dangers of Chris’s job but also of getting involved in someone that won’t stay, leaving her alone again. She’s tough, courageous and beautiful. Her issues regarding fires and being left are compelling. Chris is drawn to Jane and her kids, even thinking long-term for the first time in his life. He’s hard-working, dedicated and funny. His problems are also handled with care and understanding. Their relationship, though quick to develop, is sweetly delivered. Erickson makes the conflicts that arise between them easily relatable and I really liked the fact that she had the characters react with grace and understanding. It was discussed, resolved and they moved on – no grudge holding or making each other pay for any slights felt. And it had a feel-good ending that warms your heart.

If you are looking for an emotion-packed book, pick up Jane’s Gift. It’s the perfect complement to the holidays – a book full of love, laughter, and forgiveness.