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After a violent incident at work, divorce attorney Sydney Garfield has an emotional crisis and finds herself selling wedding dresses in a small-town boutique. She’s left her job, her apartment and her fiancé behind. Real estate hot shot, and ex-fiancé, Jack Kaiser follows Sydney to Smizer Mill hoping to discover exactly what happened to cause her to run. Both find themselves drawn to the town’s charm … but is it enough to bring Sydney & Jack back together again?

I loved Jack – he’s funny, gorgeous, thoughtful, rich, caring …. well, just down right perfect. He’s patient and sweet in his pursuit of Sydney and makes you wish you were in her shoes. Stenzel does a great job of giving Sydney believable issues while still making her an appealing character. She doesn’t get too overwhelmed or mired in her problems, keeping it fun and interesting. Readers are provided plenty of background so that her troubles are understandable. The resolution is satisfying; although as with many romance stories there is that moment where you just want the characters to tell each other how they feel. It’s fleeting though and fits well with the rest of the book.

The supporting cast is great and, as this is the first in the Second-Story Brides series, I have high hopes for a long and fruitful run. There are plenty of appealing characters for Stenzel to choose from and an opportunity to create more as the stories progress.

Wedding Dress for Sale is such a sweet story, with just enough humor and sass thrown in to keep it entertaining.