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A Snowglobe Christmas brings readers two sweet holiday stories about people learning to trust in God’s plan. Amy Caldwell is returning to Snowglobe, Montana to take over her mother’s store. She left five years ago when her fiancé, Rafe Westfield, chose the Marines over her. Now she’s back, but so is Rafe. Sara Kincaid has a bad history with men – her father left when Sara was twelve and her own husband left when she was 9 months pregnant. Time spent with widower Owen Larsen and his daughter Janey shows her what a good, solid man is like. The only problem is that he is moving in a couple of weeks. Can these couples open themselves up to God and see the path He has in mind for them?

In Yuletide Homecoming, Linda Goodnight creates two characters battling with their pasts. Amy’s father left her when she was a child and Rafe’s choosing his military career over her just emphasized her abandonment issues. She wants to protect herself from being hurt by Rafe again, but God has other ideas and throws the two together. Rafe thought he was doing the best for both of them when he joined the military but haunted by what he saw in war he has his own burdens and spending time with Amy again makes him question if he made the right decision before. Their struggles will touch your heart and their journey back to each other is a perfect complement to the holiday season.

Lissa Manley’s A Family’s Christmas Wish is also touching and emotion-packed. Sara and Owen have had their own troubles – Sara’s horrible luck with men and the death Owen’s wife have lead the two to believe they are better off on their own. However, a friendship that blossoms between their adorable daughters means the two spend a lot of time together and they realize that there may be more to life than what they have. Sara is sweet and sensitive; she’s a great mother and good friend. Owen is caring and giving. He tries very hard to be a good father, especially now that his daughter has lost her mother. Both are afraid of getting hurt and Manley does a wonderful job showing their deepening feelings, their conflict with themselves and their choices for the future.