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In Forever Werewolf, Trystan Hawkes is an omega wolf, a lone wolf without a pack. His father is half-werewolf, half-vampire and his mother is full-blood vampire, which rules out acceptance from traditional werewolf packs. He comes to Castle Wulfsiege on an errand for his father’s company, delivering a package to the pack leader, and ends up staying to help dig them out after an avalanche. His immediate, and mutual, attraction to the leader’s daughter could cause them both issues as Alexis is hiding her own secret … as is another member of the pack.

This is a solid paranormal romance – Hauf does a good job of detailing the rules of her world to those who aren’t familiar with it, without overburdening those that are. As with any other-worldly book, readers have to come into it with an open mind, but nothing in the story stretches realism too far (well, for a world full of witches, vampires and werewolves). Tryst is a good solid alpha male, complete with his own issues and troubles, but he is smart, sensitive, and giving. He is willing to help strangers in a crisis and wants only to do what is best. Lexi has her own problems but she too is smart and wants what is best for her pack. The interactions between the two are hot and steamy, with a good dose of fun. There are plenty of scuffles and some pack intrigue that keep things interesting, even outside of Tryst & Lexi’s romance.

This is a 2 for 1 book and includes a second, bonus Michele Hauf story – Moon Kissed.