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Lady Louisa’s Christmas Knight is the newest in Grace Burrowes’s Windham family Series. Lady Louisa is the oldest of the Duke’s single daughters and should be the next to get married. However, she is hiding a secret that she believes limits her prospects until it can be resolved. Sir Joseph Carrington fought in the war with a couple of Lady Louisa’s brothers and is a family friend. The two begin to get closer but Sir Joseph thinks his lack of title puts him beneath Lady Louisa’s notice, plus he has a secret of his own. A rake’s attempt at ruining her has Sir Joseph offering marriage and the two must decide if their secrets can be shared or if they will destroy everything.

This story is the perfect balance – a heartwarming romance, with a dash of intrigue to keep things interesting and a touch of holiday cheer. The characters are well-developed and their romance is slow & sweet as they start to see each other in a different light. Lady Louisa is unique and quirky, an original with a sharp mind and big heart. She’s found her perfect match in Sir Joseph and their interactions are funny, playful and touching. He’s honorable, intelligent, and witty, with a strong heart and deep character which makes him perfect hero material. They have great chemistry and you find yourself rooting for them from the very beginning.

Lady Louisa’s family plays a huge part in her life so they are all well represented in this story. Many of them have had their own story so readers are given an update on their lives, however it will not affect your enjoyment of this one if you’ve never read another of Burrowes’s books. The secondary characters are fantastic though, unique and entertaining, and the writing is beautifully done, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself finishing this story and heading out to get the previous books.