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The Convenient Bride is a lovely story about a man coming to grips with his past. Sienna will do just about anything to save her family’s hotel and Antonio Moretti is willing to use that to his advantage. If Sienna does not pay off the loan Antonio gave her father immediately then he will take control of the hotel by default. He is willing to make her a deal though, one that will allow her the time to get the hotel on its feet, but in exchange she has to become his wife for a year. Antonio needs a better image in order to secure a hotel owned by his aunt and uncle. They don’t approve of his playboy lifestyle and he believes that aligning himself with Sienna could change their minds. But nothing in his experience prepares him for Sienna.

Due to a tragedy in his past Antonio has walled himself off from everyone and put all of his attention into his work … and into women. He’s ruthless and driven but removed, enjoying the finer things in life without emotional involvement. Sienna is all about family and has given up her own dreams to help her dad with his hotel. She’s smart, sexy and caring. She’s not at all familiar with the wealthy world that Antonio lives in and her refreshing attitude causes him to re-evaluate the way he looks at life. (I’d say she’s like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman but I don’t want to give anyone the idea that she’s a hooker. The more cynical might disagree since Antonio is paying her to be his wife and, though that isn’t something most of us can imagine doing, Sienna handles it with style and grace). The reveal of Antonio’s secret tragedy is very emotional and the ending is quite touching. This is a fast-paced story, just days pass from beginning to end, but for those that love the idea of a soul-mate, someone who is so perfect for you that you recognize it immediately, it is a delightfully precious tale, regardless of the timing.