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I love Seven Nights in a Rogue’s Bed – I’ve read it twice now because a while back I received an advance copy and was intrigued enough by the story that I read it right away. I wanted to wait until the publication date to write the review, so I read it again to make sure I remembered it right … Loved it then and love it now.

Roberta owes her husband’s cousin, Jonas, a lot of money but he is willing to overlook the debt if she becomes his mistress for a week. The two cousins have been enemies all of their lives and if her husband finds out about the debt, there is no telling what he could do to her. In order to protect her sister, Sidonie takes Roberta’s place in meeting Jonas for a week at a remote castle. She expects to find a scarred, heartless monster willing to take her virtue during a week of sin but what she finds instead is a complex, intriguing man – a man more dangerous to her heart than to her body.

Jonas is scarred on the inside as well as out. He’s had a lot of people let him down and a lifetime of betrayal has made him a harsh, ruthless man. He has the potential to be so much more than society expects of him and he just needs someone to believe in him, to be there for him. Someone who can see behind the scars and cynical persona to the person underneath. Sidonie is strong and caring – two things she will need to deal with Jonas.

Seven Nights in a Rogue’s Bed is an touching, exciting ride. When Sidonie and Jonas aren’t steaming up the pages, they are tugging at your heartstrings. The characters are complex, well-developed and troubled. You quickly find yourself drawn to them, wanting the best for them, and just when things start going well Campbell yanks the rug out from under you.

This book is an emotional roller-coaster from the beginning – Jonas has not had an easy life and they have to be willing to face a lot of demons before even thinking about a happily-ever-after. It is the first in The Sons of Sin Series and if the kick-off is any indication it will definitely be exciting.