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Sultry with a Twist is the sweet debut romantic novel from Macy Beckett and she brings readers a winner. Mae-June Augustine left her home town of Sultry Springs nine years ago with a broken heart and she’s not been back since. But now she discovers that, due to an indiscretion on graduation day, she has to go home to serve a month of community service. Being back brings her together with the two people who hurt her all those years ago – the grandmother who raised her and the man who held her heart before crushing it. Will this prove to be her time for second chances or will she leave devastated all over again?

You’ll find yourself wanting to shake Luke and then give him a big hug. He has self-esteem and relationship problems related to his childhood – his mother left him with June’s grandmother when he was 12, causing him to feel that he isn’t good enough to be loved. These abandonment issues have driven his life so far but he’s finally at a point where it could turn around. Because otherwise he’s a good man – kind, hardworking, thoughtful, and generous – he just needs to see that in himself.

June has done some growing up and coming back home shows her things she hadn’t seen before. She was too young then to realize there were reasons for the way both her grandmother and Luke acted. But she’s got the spunk and the patience to handle things differently this time around.

Sultry with a Twist is a wonderful emotional mixture – humorous, sexy, and heart-warming. The characters are home-grown, solid folk and Beckett makes them real. She also makes them quirky, funny and fun. This is the first in a series so readers can expect to see more of this great little town and its entertaining population, which will be a treat. Full of small town charm, Macy Beckett’s books will be a fast addition to the gotta read pile.