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Katie Lane’s Hunk for the Holidays brings readers the classic romance plot device of mistaken identity – Cassie McPherson works hard at her family’s construction business and since her last relationship ended a little over a year ago she’s not had time to date. So to avoid any matchmaking from friends and family, she hires an escort to take her to a holiday party. This isn’t the first time she’s had to do this, but it is the first time she’s wanted more from the guy she’s hired . . . or at least she thinks she’s hired. Bowled over by his first glimpse of Cassie, James Sutton goes along with her misconception and quickly finds himself seriously attracted to her. But as things start to heat up, he needs to find a way to tell her that he’s not actually an escort but her business’s biggest rival.

Even using a common theme, Lane does a wonderful job giving readers characters that are appealing, sexy and fun to read. You might wonder if anyone would actually find themselves in this situation, but then you realize that you are enjoying yourself too much to care. Cassie successfully and hilariously channels Lucille Ball, managing to get herself in one embarrassing situation after another. She’s not all that confident in her appeal, more comfortable on a job site than in anything girlie, but she’s smart and sassy which gives her her own unique style. Jake, with I Love Lucy moments of his own, is attractive, funny and charming. And definitely interested in Cassie. He just has to figure out how to get out of the mess he’s made.

The story is more slapstick than deep, but it works just fine. The characters are engaging, the story is funny, and it makes for an entertaining, satisfying read – that’s more than enough for me.