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Watch Me is the first in a new series by Lisa Renee Jones based around a reality TV show. Meagan Tippan is the producer on a dance competition show. This is Meagan’s baby, her idea and hard work. Several mishaps have caused people to say there is a curse and if Meagan can’t fix things her show will be canceled. Sam Kellar is head of security for the studio and it is his job to help things run smoothly. But the sexual tension between Meagan and Sam may make things explosive.

Meagan is very prickly about her independence. Sam, with his Special Forces military background, is very alpha male and he immediately sets her on edge. Jones’s characters are well-developed for such a short book, with enough insight to make their actions understandable. The relationship that develops between Sam and Meagan is sweet, although sometimes I got tired of her pushing him away. Jones does a great job making her actions reasonable but still that kind of thing can get old. Sam, though, handles it well and the resolution of their issues is satisfying.

Fans of reality TV and sexy romances will find this the perfect book. The behind-the-scenes look at making the show is fun and interesting and there are more stories to come so readers will get other perspectives in the future. Since this is a Harlequin Blaze title, there are a lot of steamy scenes between the two leads, so be warned if this isn’t your cup of tea.