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Dan Walsh’s The Reunion is an amazing story of love, faith, family and hardship. Aaron Miller is one of those people that quietly influences the people around him. But he hasn’t always been like that. In the Vietnam War, he was injured while heroically saving the lives of three young soldiers. When he got home, he had the typical adjustment issues of veterans, except society turned its back on that war and those it left behind. Without the help that he needed, Aaron quickly found himself addicted to drugs and alcohol, without his wife & kids, and living on the streets. When he finds God a few years later and gets back on his feet, it is too late to salvage a relationship with his family. More years pass and he is now the handyman in a trailer park, but still managing to touch the lives of those around him. When a reporter writing a book on Vietnam vets comes looking for him and his story, is he willing to be brave enough to be found?

This is a quick read, smoothly told from multiple perspectives, with a conclusion that leaves readers more than satisfied. The characters have depth and believability, with such detail that it makes you feel like you know them personally. The pain and heartbreak that these people experienced is so realistic and raw that it leaps off the page and settles in your chest. I just wanted to find these people and give them a hug, to do anything I could to make it better for them. I was so caught up in the story that I found it hard to remember that this was a work of fiction.

Walsh does a fantastic job of weaving a multi-faceted tale that will please a large audience. I feel comfortable recommending this story to anyone – young, old, male, female. Those who enjoy a well-told story will find something they like in The Reunion.