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In Mari Fee’s How to Date a Henchman, Gina is the receptions for EnClo Corp, only she has no idea what the company does and her curiosity is getting the better of her. Today, though, some of her questions may be answered because the mysterious owner, Mr. Sparks, is coming for a visit. When he arrives he also brings along his oh-so attractive associate, Burke. Burke is what is known as a henchman, because Mr. Sparks is actually the supervillain Static. EnClo is the hub of their latest scheme and, with a superhero on their trail, the last thing he has time for is an attraction to the receptionist.

This is a novella (about 26,000 words) and I’m not sure if it is the start to a series, but I really hope so. How to Date a Henchman gives readers a humorous take on how a super-hero world would work and how a regular person could get caught up in it. Their world is just like ours, except that it contains people with powers, and Fee does a fantastic job of giving readers a look into it. I loved how she brings up problems that could arise in such a world, like an increase in your insurance rates due to damage because of a fight between super-people or the danger a henchman faces just running daily errands for his boss. How people treat the superheroes like they treat famous athletes and actors, complete with magazine layouts and endorsements, is hilarious. This is a new take on their world, one where their daily lives are just like ours and the differences between heroes and villains aren’t black and white, and it is fantastic.

The characters are entertaining, with plausible issues to give them depth. The interactions between Burke and Gina are flirty and sweet, and Static is a hoot. He’s sarcastic, brilliant, twisted and so much fun. Burke and Gina’s level-headedness is the perfect foil to his eccentricity. Together they make an amazing team and an entertaining read.

Being short, this is fast-paced, but it packs a punch for so few pages. If you are looking for something a little off-beat, without losing its believability, this is a perfect choice.