In Kevin’s Story, Kevin Ross is a deaf man who has built a successful cookie business.  He is now looking for the perfect model to be the Kevin’s Kookies girl.  Enter Suzy Keller.  She easily convinces him that she’s the perfect woman for his national marketing campaign but can she convince him she’s the perfect woman for his heart?

This is another book that I wish I could give 3.5 stars.  It was originally released in 1986 and it feels like it is 25 years old, but not in a bad way.  There is just a kind of vibe about it that marks it as an older story – something in the way the words are put together but again this isn’t a bad thing, just something readers may notice.  There is nothing overt about it that gives a time frame, although I did notice the lack of technology (like cell phones or laptops).

The only issue I had was with some of Suzy’s actions.  She’s fun-loving, humorous and caring, very earnest and sometimes a little naive.  However she can be pushy about her relationship with Kevin.  Readers are given his side of the romance too, so you understand that he is conflicted about it, but Suzy refuses to take no for an answer and disregards Kevin’s wishes. She does it with flair but if she was a man there might be a call for a restraining order.

For his part, Kevin is immediately attracted to Suzy and finds it hard to fight that.  He doesn’t believe that a deaf man who grew up in foster care (and worse) deserves someone like her and that he will only hold her back from having a fantastic future.  Suzy overrides these concerns at every turn, believing that they are made for each other and can handle anything that life gives them.  She is his biggest cheerleader, believing that he is an amazing man that has a lot to offer.  I was touched by the way that Suzy champions Kevin at every turn, showing him that he is an asset in their relationship regardless of his deafness.

At it’s heart, Kevin’s Story is a very sweet tale about a woman showing a man how valuable he really is.  I may have had a little trouble with the way she goes about it sometimes, but overall I enjoyed it and freely recommend it.