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In Kayla Perrin’s Surrender My Heart, Natalie Hart has just been divorced by her cheating, NBA player husband. She wasn’t too surprised to find out that he’d cheated on her except that it was with her best friend. She’s decided to take a break from men … and to never again get involved with a professional athlete. NFL wide receiver Michael Jones wants to change her opinion that all athletes are players, both on and off the field.

This is the second story in Kimani Romance’s Harts in Love series, which has a central story line involving the three Hart sisters trying to find their mother. This story line is not resolved in this book so if you aren’t comfortable with unresolved issues you will need to plan to pick up the other stories in the series – Always In My Heart and Heart to Heart.

Surrender My Heart is your typical trust issue book – Natalie has been burned, not only by her ex-husband Vance, but also by her mother when she left her daughters behind. When she meets Michael for the first time, his flirtations only reinforce her belief that he is just like her ex. When the two are thrown together on a mutual charity project, Michael takes the opportunity to show her his sincerity. The path these two take can be predicted easily but the journey is still enjoyable. The characters are interesting and their interactions are fun. Michael is sweet, charming, and of course hot. Natalie is troubled, but it is understandable given her fresh romantic troubles. The two together are funny, touching, and steamy. Perrin does a good job of keeping the story moving and fresh.

Again, this is definitely not a stand-alone story – although Natalie and Michael’s portion is complete, the secondary story involving the girls’ mother is not. I would definitely recommend picking up all the stories.