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Ann Christopher’s Case for Seduction kicks off Harlequin’s new series – The Hamiltons: Law of Love. One morning in a Starbucks, Jake Hamilton runs into the first woman who really throws him for a loop. He’s tired of his playboy lifestyle and he’d like to see where such an intense attraction might go. Unfortunately his past could prove to be his downfall. Charlotte Evans has worked in the typing pool at Hamilton, Hamilton and Clark for a couple of years. She’s met Jake in passing on a few occasions but it quickly becomes obvious that he doesn’t remember her. Now that he really sees her, will he be content to leave their relationship on a professional level? And if not, how will she feel to be one in a line of many?

This is a really sweet little story – the characters are appealing and the plot is believable. Jake is gorgeous, rich, intelligent and charming. He’s led an easy life, with everything that money can buy and women falling at his feet. He’s taken advantage of all that has been available to him, but he’s recently been dissatisfied with it. There isn’t really a big “poor, little, rich boy” moment but he is attracted to Charlotte’s life, to the warmth of it and her family.

Charlotte has a very full life. She’s going to law school, has a full-time job, a two year old son and a sick mother. What she doesn’t need is an unwise attraction to her boss. Unfortunately for her, Jake is used to getting his way. He’s drawn to her heart, her mind, and her strong character. She’s dedicated, hard-working, and loving, not to mention beautiful.

Case for Seduction brings readers a simple, straight-forward story of two people exploring their feelings for each other and deciding if they are willing to take a chance on it being something that will last. It’s a quick read, engaging, and the perfect book to throw in your bag take to the pool. I look forward to reading more about the Hamilton family.