Book Review – All Bets Are On


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cover52960-mediumHis wicked games…

The Prince of Hell needs to get laid. Well, according to his minions, anyway. Now Derek Wescott, ruler of the Eighth Level of Hell, has been set up on an online date. And worse still, his minions are placing bets that Derek won’t be able to entice the sweet yet plain Jaclyn Reynolds into bed before midnight. But Derek has no intention of losing the bet. Not now. Not ever.

Jaclyn, on the other hand, is in danger of losing everything. The charity she runs is in trouble, and she is desperate for cash. The moment she sees her absolutely gorgeous—and insanely wealthy—date, she knows she’s in way over her head. She also knows his type all too well, and it will be a cold day in Hell before she ever gets into his bed. Yet Derek offers her a friendly wager: he’ll give $10,000 to her charity if she can resist him.

The wagers have been set. The game has begun. And Derek will do just about anything to ensure that Jaclyn is completely— and infernally—his…

Part of me enjoyed this one and part of me didn’t.  I liked Jaclyn, mostly.  She cares about those that need help and dedicates her life to helping kids.  She’s had some bad history that has caused her to have issues with trust and she’s a more solitary type so Derek is definitely outside her comfort zone.  I’m just not sure I ever quite grasped her back and forth attitude on him.  She doesn’t know if she can trust him, doesn’t think his interest or feelings is genuine, and the truth about him really sets her world spinning.  But the next thing you know they are back in bed.

The story is fun though and Derek definitely makes up for any of my misgivings on Jaclyn’s feelings.  Derek makes a fantastic Prince of Hell, one with scruples and who does his best to only punish the ones who deserve it.  He’s suave and charming and full of himself but with a ton of style and good humor.  He doesn’t take himself too seriously and he truly cares about those that need help.  And seeing him flirt and clash with Jaclyn is highly entertaining.

The sex is definitely sizzling and will get you a little hot under the collar.  And as much thought as she puts into the bedroom scenes, Cooke also has a good time making up unique rules for Derek’s world.  It is always fun to see the creativity authors put into these paranormal stories and she does it very well.  It all fits logically together (at least as much as thing kind of thing can be) and I didn’t notice any weird holes or out of left field plot points.

If you like your romances sexy and supernatural, All Bets Are On is definitely worth a go.  Good at giving us a yummy hero and an intriguing world, I’m looking forward to seeing what else Cooke can deliver.

Spotlight – Aim for Love


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Now, for those who love a good sports romance, we’ve got the newest in Pamela Aares fantastic Tavonesi series.


Copy of Book 5 Aim for LoveAim For Love

The Tavonesi Series #5

by Pamela Aares

Publication Date: September 10, 2014

Genres: ContemporaryRomanceSports


In AIM FOR LOVE, author Pamela Aares continues The Tavonesi Series. Get ready for All-Star alpha males and the strong women they come to love! When love’s the game, you can’t play it safe…

A role in an indie movie has turned heiress Sabrina Tavonesi into an overnight Hollywood sensation. She should be thrilled, but the troubled woman she played in the film has come alive in her dreams, turning Sabrina’s life into a nightmare. Assaulted and injured at the film’s premiere, she has only has three weeks to rehab her shoulder – and overcome her secret nightmares – before shooting the sequel.

When her All-Star brother insists that his teammate, pitching phenom Kaz Tokugawa, can get her ready in time, Sabrina is desperate enough to try anything…even some mysterious samurai practice. As the handsome young pitcher charms Sabrina with his amazing skills, he heals more than her shoulder–he begins to make her believe in love.

Kaz can’t afford any distractions. He’s fighting to save his family’s failing peach farm and secure a contract with the Major League team of his dreams. Falling for his teammate’s sister isn’t part of his plan. But even his focused samurai training can’t keep the troubled beauty from stealing into his heart.

When Kaz is accused of murdering a drug lord threatening his family, Sabrina is his only alibi…or is she? Can they learn to trust one another before their secrets destroy their lives as well as their love?



She took the sword from him. It wasn’t as heavy as it looked, maybe three pounds.

“The sword is said to hold the soul of the samurai who wields it. Put your soul into it, Sabrina.”

She raised the sword with both hands and whirled. The sword, though not heavy, drew her full circle, as if it had a life of its own. But more astonishing, she realized she’d raised her injured arm. Used her injured arm.

Giddy with joy, she lowered the sword and hugged Kaz. “Alex was right: you are a wizard.” She tilted her face to look up at him, felt his heart beating against her chest.

He didn’t pull away. His heartbeat raced, matching her own. What had begun as a joyous, spontaneous hug had quickly changed. His eyes searched hers.

She rose to her tiptoes, wrapped her free arm around his neck and drew his head toward hers.

And relived the kiss from her dream.


authorAuthor Info:

Pamela Aares is an award-winning, internationally bestselling author of contemporary and historical romance novels and also writes about fictional romance in sports with her new Tavonesi Series. Get ready for Alpha male All-Stars and the strong women they come to love!

Her popularity as a romance writer continues to grow with each new book release, so much so, that the Bay area author has drawn comparisons by readers and reviewers to Nora Roberts.

Pamela Aares writes romance books that she loves reading, particularly those that entertain, transport and inspire dreams while captivating and tugging at the heart. She takes her readers on a journey with complex characters in both contemporary and historical settings who are thrown in situations that tempt love, adventure and self-discovery.

Before becoming a romance author, Aares wrote and produced award-winning films including Your Water, Your Life, featuring actress Susan Sarandon and NPR series New Voices, The Powers of the Universe and The Earth’s Imagination. She holds a Master’s degree from Harvard and currently resides in the wine country of Northern California with her husband, a former MLB All-Star and two curious cats.

If not behind her computer, you can probably find her reading a romance novel, hiking the beach or savoring life with friends. You can visit Pamela on the web at

Website • Blog • Twitter • Facebook • Goodreads


Also in the Series

While each book in the Tavonesi Series can be read as a standalone, you may enjoy the other book in the series! The first five books are available and include: Love Bats Last (#1)Thrown by Love (#2)Fielder’s Choice (#3)Love on the Line (#4) and this book, Aim for Love (#5).

Learn more about The Tavonesi Series:






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Spotlight – Chasing the Dollar



We’re going to start out the week looking at a fun, new romantic mystery.


Chasing the Dollar
by Ellie Ashe
Gemma Halliday Publishing
Romantic Mystery @75k

ChasingtheDollar coverBlurb:

Miranda Vaughn has spent the last year and a half fighting for her freedom. Arrested for a fraud scheme involving her supervisors, she’s
lost her job at a prestigious investment firm, her fiancé, and her reputation.

She walks out of the courtroom a free woman, only to find that life has a few more curve balls to throw her way. The jury may have found her not guilty, but Miranda is broke, in debt to her beloved aunt, and can’t find a job because of
the cloud of suspicion still swirling around her.

She can’t move forward with her life until she finds out who set her up. Buried in the evidence against her, Miranda finds a larger scheme, one involving far more money than the $37 million her boss fleeced from unsuspecting investors.

Determined to uncover the truth, Miranda begins her own investigation—leading her to Macau and Belize, and into the arms of one sexy FBI agent, who has his own agenda. When the danger heats up, Miranda finds herself in a race against time to find the person behind it all. Before he finds her…

Buy Links:   Kobo   Nook   iBook   Smashwords   Amazon



(Chapter 1)

“Not guilty.”

The two words sliced through the thick atmosphere in the courtroom, and my heart leapt. The boa constrictor of stress that had been wound around my body for the last year and a half eased a tiny bit. Next to me, my attorney, Robert Fogg, tensed. We weren’t remotely done, his body language warned.

“As to Count Two, wire fraud, the jury finds the defendant—”

A pause. Why was the clerk pausing?

“Not guilty.”

The breath escaped my lungs, but Rob put a cautious hand on my arm warning me not to get too excited yet. He’d spent much of the last fourteen months explaining the odds, explaining the process that I’d face if I insisted on going to trial, comparing the risk I’d face with the known quantity of the plea offer—a mere four years in prison if I agreed to a plea deal and admitted to defrauding clients of the investment bank where I’d been an analyst, compared to ten years or more I risked if I was convicted at trial. And I’d almost certainly be convicted, Rob had assured me. Even if the witnesses against me were convicted felons, liars, conmen who would say anything to get a break on their own prison sentences. The documents were undeniable,
incontrovertible evidence of my guilt.

“As to Count Three, wire fraud, the jury finds the

Damn her, why the dramatic pause?

“Not guilty,” she finished.

This time I glanced over at the jury and made eye contact with several of them, my heart still in my throat. Instead of the impassive expressions they’d worn in the last two weeks, they looked relaxed. Friendlier. Less scary. And they were looking at me.

That was one of the signs Rob told me might signal a favorable verdict. If the jury walked in and wouldn’t look at me, they probably had convicted me. When they had filed in with their completed verdict forms, I was too nervous to look in their direction.

“As to Count Four, wire fraud, the jury finds the defendant not guilty.”

No waiting this time. The clerk flipped the page to the next form and continued reading, her pace picking up. She must have realized that if she kept pausing before the big reveal on each charge, we’d be here until dark.

“As to Count Five, wire fraud, the jury finds the defendant not guilty.”

I couldn’t relax yet, not quite yet. There were still ten more opportunities to hear I was going to prison.

Fifteen fraud charges. Fifteen chances to hear the clerk announce that the jury had believed my former boss, his former boss, and the government’s accountants and investigators who had testified that I, Miranda Vaughn, participated in a conspiracy to defraud banks and investors. That I, with my business degree from a state school still freshly inked, managed to find a way to outwit regulators for the entire six years I worked at Patterson Tinker Investment Strategies to reap huge profits at the expense of the most established investment advisors in the industry.

Rob’s hand gripped my arm, and I realized that the clerk was done reading the verdicts. The room was blurry, and I felt the wet tears running down my cheeks for the first time. The stress of holding those tears back in the last year had caused me to lose sleep, lose hair, and develop a nasty habit of grinding my teeth when I finally managed to close my eyes at night. But I knew that if I had let loose those emotions, I’d never be able to rein them back in and would have ended up in a stark white room with no interior door knobs where I’d spend my days rocking back and forth and waiting for my next round of pills.

“We did it, Miranda,” Rob whispered, putting an arm around me in an awkward hug.

I looked up to see the judge watching me. Instead of the stern glare I had grown accustomed to, he was almost smiling at me. I blinked. It must have been the tears in the way. But when I wiped my eyes, there it was—Judge Smith’s softening expression, looking like someone’s granddad instead of the dour arbiter of my fate.

The judge addressed the jury, thanked them for their service, directed them to the jury commissioner’s office to turn in their parking passes, and then looked back at me.

“The bond is exonerated. You’re free to go, Ms. Vaughn. Court is recessed.”

He stood, and everyone in the room followed suit. The jurors filed back into their room off the side of the courtroom to collect their belongings. Several of them smiled at me, and I smiled back but could feel my lips start to tremble. I swallowed hard and tried to pull myself together. Rob began gathering the legal pads that littered the defense counsel table.

I stood next to the table, still stunned and unsure what I was supposed to do now. Part of me expected to be found guilty, even knowing that I hadn’t done what the prosecutor accused me of. I had prepared myself for that. Studied the post-conviction proceedings, the deadline for filing a notice of appeal, researched sentencing procedures and even federal prisons. I hadn’t planned what would happen if I were acquitted of all the charges, and I was at a loss as to what to do now.

Turning to the nearly empty courtroom, I saw my lone supporter. The entirety of my cheering section was blowing her nose noisily into a hankie. She came toward me, pulling me into a warm hug over the low railing that separated the gallery from the attorneys and defendants.

“Aunt Marie, when did you get here?”

She gripped me harder. “Somewhere around count seven,” she said. “Rob sent me a text when the jury came back. I hot-footed it right down here.”

I relaxed into her embrace. The familiar scent of Chanel and baked goods that always permeated her clothing soothed me and took me back to the safety of my childhood. She had come straight from work because she was still wearing her apron with the Sugar Plum Bakery logo.

“Miranda, I’ll take care of the bond paperwork,” Rob said, interrupting our family reunion.

I pulled away from Aunt Marie and nodded. Rob’s face was flushed, and he looked two decades younger than his sixty-three years. He seemed incapable of suppressing the huge grin on his face. Suddenly I felt awkward, unsure how to tell him how grateful I was.

“I don’t know what to say,” I said. “Thank you, Rob. Thank you so much.”

The words were inadequate. During the fourteen months since my arrest, I always felt that he believed I was guilty of something, but despite that, he had done an admirable job defending me. He gave me a crooked smile.

“You’re welcome,” he said. “We’ll talk soon. I’m going to see if I can catch a few of the jurors and talk to them. Come by the office later. We’ll celebrate.”

He leaned across the railing to shake Aunt Marie’s hand and was pulled into a tight embrace. When she finally released him, he gave her a kiss on the cheek and smiled as he gently wiped a tear from her face. Then he turned back to the counsel table and continued clearing it of folders and notepads and his laptop computer, sliding the whole mess into the large black case that he’d been wheeling into court every day of the trial. He zipped the case, gave me another quick hug, and walked over to the other counsel table.

I turned to see how the prosecutors were handling the news. My tormentors—an older, brittle veteran prosecuting attorney named Donna Grayson and Matthew Reese, her younger co-counsel, a clean-cut young man who looked like he was my age. Neither of them would look at me, and their expressions were grim as they shook Rob’s hand.

Finally, Matthew Reese made eye contact with me and gave me a nod.

“Good luck to you, Ms. Vaughn,” he said.

I almost believed his words were sincere, but then I remembered three days earlier when he called me a thief in his closing argument. I returned the nod without a word, not trusting myself to hold back if I spoke to him—something I’d been forbidden to do for well over a year.

I slipped through the low swinging gate and took Aunt Marie’s arm, leading her out of the dark courtroom into the bright, wide and empty hallway. When I had been arraigned on the fraud charges in this courthouse, the hallway had been packed with reporters clamoring for a comment. But since then, they had lost interest. The prosecutor’s office wouldn’t be putting out a press release on the loss, and I wondered if anyone would even care that I had won. That the woman the government had called “a slick con artist and one of the masterminds of the greatest financial fraud ever seen in this state” was walking out of court and not heading to prison.

I was free to go. No longer facing a decade in prison. Not under a cloud of allegations that had cost me my career, my good name, and my peace of mind. That had driven off friends. Led to the break-up of a five-year relationship. Cost me every last dime of savings and most of Aunt Marie’s retirement as well.

I walked up to the wall of windows and looked down on the city, the busy intersection by the federal courthouse, the people jaywalking to get to the Starbucks across the street. A normal day, with everyone bustling about in the bright afternoon sunlight, enjoying a typical California summer day.

I was free to go.


To go where?


Author Info:

Ellie Ashe has always been drawn to jobs where she can tell stories—journalist, lawyer, and now writer. Writing quirky romantic mysteries is how she gets the “happily ever after” that so often is lacking in her day job.

When not writing, you can find her with her nose in a good book, watching far too much TV, or trying out new recipes on unsuspecting friends and family. She lives in Northern California with her husband and two cats, all of whom worry when she starts browsing the puppy listings on

Contact Info:

newsletter sign-up:

Amazon Author page:




5 signed Print copies of Chasing the Dollar

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Spotlight – Officer Out of Uniform


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Some of you might remember when we looked at Officer Next Door (which I loved) … well, now we get book two and it looks to be a scorcher!


Officer out of Uniform CoverOfficer Out of Uniform

Lock and Key, #2

by Ranae Rose

Publication Date: September 19th

Genres: Contemporary Romance


The only thing better than a man in uniform is a man out of uniform. Sasha has never been more certain of anything in her life, and she’s never wanted anyone more than she wants Officer Henry Dryden. Tall, tough and battle-scarred, he’s the first man to capture not just her eye, but her heart. With curves and the confidence to use them, it’s not hard to attract his attention, or get him to break out those cuffs and keys. But for the first time, getting exactly what she wants feels dangerously like risking it all.

There’s no question about the one thing Henry wants most when it comes to Sasha: to protect her. After their coastal North Carolina community is sent a message via the brutal murder of the prison warden, no one is safe. Henry can’t afford to be distracted by things like the all-consuming desire Sasha inspires. There’ll be time for that later … if he can keep her from getting caught in the crossfire of a killer’s revenge scheme. Haunted by the ghosts of his past, he’ll do anything to avoid being the only one to walk out of a war zone alive again. The way forward is clear: stop the convict who’s hunting officers in Riley County, and keep Sasha safe … or die trying.

Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Kobo | Goodreads


Ranae RoseAuthor Info:

Ranae Rose is the best-selling author of more than twenty adult romances and counting. Originally from Maryland, she grew up the daughter of a US Marine and always wanted to be a writer. Today she lives on the US East Coast with her man in uniform, young children, German Shepherd dogs and overflowing bookshelves.

Her love affair with the romance genre began as a teen when a classmate handed her a romance comic book. Instantly hooked, she read them during class behind her textbooks and under her desk. She hasn’t looked back since.

When she’s not writing or reading, she enjoys things like good coffee, travel and fitness – especially pursuing her elusive goal of getting her husband to tap out on the jiu jitsu mats (no luck so far).

Website | Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads


(Ya’ll, I’m sharing the mild excerpt here but I read the explicit one … whew!  I’m so ready to get my hands on this one.)


Sasha was glued to the TV when someone knocked on the door, nearly sending her into cardiac arrest.

In a move straight from some sort of slapstick comedy, she slipped right off the edge of her seat and flopped onto the carpet, as graceful as a fish out of water.

Oh, God. Who could possibly be knocking?

She glanced frantically toward the nearest window and the dusky evening beyond its pane. It was late in the day and she had no plans. After restraining herself from rushing to Henry’s and talking to her mom, she’d settled in for a little TV.

Which had turned into watching the news, which had scared the hell out of her.

What if there was a murderer at her door? Sure, it might be a dramatic conclusion to jump to, but then again… Cypress was a small town, and one thing was for sure: a murderer was out there somewhere. As much as she’d like to think she was just being paranoid, she knew Kerry or Alicia would’ve called before coming over.

Sasha rolled, her gaze darting toward the kitchen as she pushed herself up. When she stood, her heart was speeding and her legs were a little shaky. When another knock came at the door, she wanted to throw herself down on the floor again, where it would be harder for anyone to peek in at her through the windows.

Why, God why, had she ever rented a first floor apartment?

Shaking her head, she took a deep breath and darted out of the living room. Luckily for her – and unfortunately for any serial killers – she knew her way around a kitchen. In fact, she’d be willing to bet that few people in Riley County were more skilled with a knife than she was.

Without skipping a beat, she grabbed her Shun Premier chef’s knife. It was so sharp, you could practically cut yourself by just glancing at it. Great for use on both meat and vegetables – even ripe ones – it was without a doubt the most dangerous item in her home.

She gripped it with her right hand and grabbed her favorite 12” stainless steel skillet with her left, just in case. She could use it as a bludgeon, or a shield if needed.

Armed with some of her most treasured tools, she approached the front door and rocked up onto her tiptoes, peeking through the peep hole. What she saw took her breath away, and she nearly dropped the knife onto her vulnerable bare toes.

“Henry!” she breathed a moment later, tucking the skillet under her arm and wrenching the door open. “It’s just you!”

He stood on her doorstep with a dozen red roses. His grey eyes widened. “You were expecting someone else? I hope…”

She became conscious once again of her death-grip on the Shun’s handle. “I was worried you might be a serial killer. Have you seen the news?”

He frowned and cast a quick glance over his shoulder. “Can I come in?”


He stepped inside quickly, closing and locking her door before she could even blink.

A little of the tension seemed to go out of his shoulders once he had the locked door at his back, but not much. He laid the roses down on the counter, but not before Sasha saw that his knuckles were white against the florist’s cellophane wrapper.

“If you saw the news, why did you answer the door?” he asked.

“Because it was you, of course. I looked through the peep hole.”

He nodded toward her hands. “The fact that you picked up weapons makes it look like you were considering opening the door even if it wasn’t someone you knew.”

“Well… Maybe. I wasn’t going to just ignore it. It would be rude not to at least see who was there.”

Henry frowned. “Being a nice person can get you killed. In a situation like this, politeness is just stupidity.” He was in full-on Grumpy Bear mode now, growling and frowning like he had his own personal storm cloud hanging over his head. “What’s worse – someone’s feelings getting hurt, or you actually getting hurt?”

Apparently it was a rhetorical question. He strode purposefully across the room, to the windows. The muscles in his arms rippled as he yanked the kitchen curtains shut, then moved on to the living room, where he did the same. He seemed to have forgotten all about the bouquet of red roses he’d brought with him.

“Uh, Henry?” She laid her weapons down on the counter.

He turned to face her. “Where’s your bedroom? The curtains shouldn’t be open in there either.”

Sasha tipped her head toward the short hallway. “On the left.”

He made a beeline for her room, and she followed him. “Are you going to fill me in on why you’re closing all my curtains?”

“So no one can see inside.”

He sounded serious, but she wriggled her eyebrows anyway. “I take it this means you have something really wild planned for us.”



18K white gold plated handcuff and key necklace

(+Lock and Key swag)

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Book Review – Dante’s Fire


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We took a look at Dante’s Fire a little earlier but now I’m going to share what I thought of it :)


22587388It’s Time To Meet A New Kind Of Hero…

Dante Stark has a dark secret–a legacy left to him by his father which is both a blessing and a curse. A traumatic experience as a small boy gave him special powers of healing, but it comes with a price. Destined to wander the world alone to heal others, he’s accepted his fate. Until Selina Rogers forces him to confront his deepest fears, erotic desires, and question his capacity to love.

Selina Rogers has made a name for herself at Inferno Enterprises. She’s tough, confident and prepared to succeed. She’s also built a world she believes is safe, until she’s attacked and then saved by a masked stranger. As he helps her heal physically and emotionally, she becomes fascinated by his overwhelming power and gentle touch. Determined to show Dante the love he’s been denying himself, Selina surrenders her heart, and dreams of a future with the mysterious man who completes her.

But will his dark legacy destroy them…or save them both…

Dante’s Fire is an interesting mix of romance, superhero and paranormal.  Dante has a secret and powers that let him help women in need.  He just never expected to have to use them to save the woman he secretly has feelings for.  It’s quite a complication for him, having her not know the true identity of the man who saved her life and who is helping her recover.  Selina wants to know all the secrets about her savior.  But the more time she spends with him the more she realizes that he needs someone to save him as well.

Hot, sexy and emotional, Probst brings her trademark style to a new arena with the first in her new paranormal romance series.  Different from her normal stories, I don’t think that her readers are going to mind at all.  She still delivers interesting characters and an enthralling story, she just also has that little something extra. And I’m ready to find out what she has in store for us next.

Book Review – The Other Harlow Girl


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23153764A woman in the British Horticultural Society! The very idea horrifies everyone, including ardent horticulturalist Lavinia Harlow, whose own name has been put forth for membership by the provoking Marquess of Huntly. He does it as a joke, of course, to get back at her for an imagined slight—well, to be fair, she had insulted his writing—and Vinnie, older sister to the infamous Harlow Hoyden, is far too sensible to rise to his ridiculous challenge.

Determined to head off further scandal (her name has already been recorded in the betting book at Brooks’s!), Vinnie dashes off a polite note refusing the honor—which she has every intention of sending. Really. Only she can’t help but chafe at the way everyone keeps demanding that she decline at once, even the marquess. Oh, especially the marquess, whose perfection she finds intolerable. Who ever heard of a gentleman being so handsome and so intelligent and so well informed about foreign flora? Clearly, the man needs to be taken down a peg, and somehow, despite all twenty-four years of faultless propriety, Vinnie is just the hoyden to do it.

I read the first book, The Harlow Hoyden, and loved it.  The characters were a ton of fun and the plot was full of humor, suspense and romance.  With the follow-up, Messina leaves out the suspense but again delivers her fantastically fun characters, plus a great mix of humor and romance.

We get the return of our favorite people from the first story and even though Huntley is new, he fits right in.  There’s definitely a reason why he’s Trent’s best friend.  And the first meet cute between Huntley and Vinnie is delightful, then things just keep getting better.

The Other Harlow Girl is a wonderful British farce, so you have to be in the mood for that kind of thing, but it is hilarious and tender and sweet and fun.  What more could you ask for?

If you loved the quirkiness of The Harlow Hoyden, you’ll love Vinnie’s story.

Guest Post – The English Brothers


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It’s my pleasure to welcome Katy Regnery as she answers a couple of questions … and then introduces us to a collection of super hot brothers!

I haven’t had a chance to read them yet but they are right there at the top of my TBR file.  I’m sure you won’t be able to resist the English brothers either.


*What do you like best about writing romances?

I love creating the perfect match. For example, let’s say I create a heroine who’s got a heart of gold, but has slept with every guy in town. She’s sweet and trusting, but she just keeps looking for love in all the wrong places, and is always disappointed. And you know? She has a lot – so much – love to give to someone who could just see beyond her reputation. Then I think to myself…Who’s her perfect match? Who wants her? Who needs her? Whose heart will ping and hum when it meets hers? Maybe the man had a beloved sister who was sweet and trusting and slept around. Maybe one night she was beaten to death after a date. Maybe when he looks at this heroine, he sees a chance to do right by his sister. He sees redemption. He sees goodness. And then I bring these two pieces together and create a whole. She can soothe his wounded heart with love. He can protect her from the meanness that a bad reputation can bring. Together they can find a happily ever after. That’s what I love the most.

*What is your favorite romantic story (movie/book, fact/fiction)?

My favorite romantic book and movie is A Room With A View by E. M. Forrester. I saw the movie when I was 15-years-old, and already a fan of Jane Austen and the BBC’s period pieces, I was swept away by my first introduction to Merchant-Ivory. I read the book quickly after and it was achingly romantic. Here are three of my favorite quotes from that book (and I mean, seriously, how swoony are they?!):

“It isn’t possible to love and part. You will wish that it was. You can transmute love, ignore it, muddle it, but you can never pull it out of you. I know by experience that the poets are right: love is eternal.”

“When I think of what life is, and how seldom love is answered by love; it is one of the moments for which the world was made.”

George had turned at the sound of her arrival. For a moment he contemplated her, as one who had fallen out of heaven. He saw radiant joy in her face, he saw the flowers beat against her dress in blue waves. The bushes above them closed. He stepped quickly forward and kissed her.

*Which of your characters/books was the most fun to write?

The most fun? Hmm. I guess one of the most fun was Playing for Love at Deep Haven because it was my first indie book and the first book I wrote outside of my Heart of Montana series. It’s not a fun book, per se – it’s pretty angsty and emotional. But, I had fun writing it because it was a totally different style and it was the first book I ever wrote that had detailed sex scenes, and I have to say…THAT was fun to write. :)

*If you weren’t a writer and could be doing anything else you want, what would it be?

I can’t actually imagine doing anything else…I mean, if I didn’t write romance novels, I’d be interested in looking into screenwriting, I guess. But writing’s where it’s at for me. No doubt about it.

Thank you so much, Julie, for letting me visit today!!


Breaking Up with BarrettBreaking Up with Barrett

The English Brothers Book 1

by Katy Regnery

Genre: Short contemporary romance

Date of Publication: 7/21/14

ISBN: 978-0-9912045-2-6


Number of pages: 171

Word Count:  50,000

Cover Artist: Kim Killion, Hot Damn Designs


Breaking Up with Barrett is the first of five books about the Philadelphia-based, wildly-handsome English brothers who are all on the look-out for love.

(Except Alex. He’s a womanizing manwhore. And maybe Stratton, because he’s wicked hot, but super awkward around girls.)

Barrett English, aka “the Shark,” is the fair-haired, first-born of the English brothers, and the CEO of the oldest, most prestigious investment banking firm in Philadelphia. He rules the boardroom with an iron fist, refusing to take no for an answer and always getting his way.

Emily Edwards, a first-year doctoral student at the University of Pennsylvania, grew up in the gatehouse on the outskirts of Barrett’s childhood estate. The daughter of his family’s gardener and housekeeper, she was always looking through the window of privilege, but forced to remember her place at the very periphery of the kingdom.

When business partners suggest that a fiancee might soften Barrett’s image over business dinners, he approaches Emily for the “job” of fiancee. And while love wasn’t necessarily on Barrett’s radar, he begins to realize that Emily always has been. But will his take-no-prisoners boardroom tactics work on the heart of the woman he loves?

Available at Amazon US   Amazon UK



CHAPTER 1 (Breaking Up with Barrett)

Barrett English.

Emily’s heart kicked into a gallop as she looked down at the caller ID on her buzzing phone. Trying to steady her suddenly shallow breathing, she closed her eyes for a brief second before pushing back from the coffee shop table where the rest of her study group continued to discuss early-American industrialization.

“Be right back,” she whispered to her roommate, Valeria, and ducked out the backdoor of the café into an empty alley.


“Mr. English for Miss Edwards?”


A moment later his smooth, polished baritone voice came on the line. “Good afternoon, Emily. Thank you for picking up.”

“I was at study group,” she said, leaning against a brick wall and cringing at the way she made it sound like his call wasn’t welcome.

“I’m sorry to interrupt you.”

“N-no. It’s fine,” she answered quickly, wiping her sweaty hands on her jeans as she sandwiched the phone between her shoulder and ear. Damn it, she wished she could be cooler, but her mind always went blank the moment she heard the low rumble of his voice.

“I’ll be brief,” he said. “Tomorrow night. The Union League Club. Seven o’clock.”

Emily sighed. She had plans tomorrow night with a sensitive, easy-going, doctoral psych student named Chad who’d asked her out more than once. She’d repeatedly turned him down, but Val had insisted that after four months spent at Barrett English’s beck and call, Emily needed to go out with someone with whom she actually had a chance.

“Emily?” he prompted.

“How late?”

“Three hours minimum. Possibly four.”

Pushing her hand through her straight blonde hair, she knew it would be smart to decline Barrett’s request and go out with psych cutie as planned. The arrangement she had with Barrett—while beneficial to her bank account—wasn’t doing her social life any favors. Nor her heart, which didn’t seem to comprehend that Barrett only called her because she was his employee. Still, she couldn’t bring herself to say no to him.

“Engagement ring?” she asked.

“Per usual.”

“The Chanel or the Givenchy?”

“As you wish.”

“Hair band or chignon?”

“You always look presentable, Emily. I leave the details to you. Smith will pick you up at six forty-five. Are we done?”

“Yes,” she answered and the line immediately went dead.

“Goodbye,” Emily said wistfully in the quiet of the alley, disappointment making her grimace. She fisted the phone in her hand until the case pinched her skin and shook her from her trance. “See you tomorrow! You’re welcome! By the way, I love you, you jerk!”

Her yell caused a flurry of commotion overhead as a flock of pigeons departed in a hurry for safer, quieter lodgings, one of them pausing just long enough to crap on Emily’s shoulder with a big, fat plop.

Fantastic. The perfect metaphor for my life.

She stared at the goopy greyish-white spot in surrender before taking a deep, restorative breath, tucking her phone into her jeans and heading back inside to clean her shirt and rejoin her study group.

An hour later, she trudged home beside Valeria, who started scolding her as soon as Emily shared her last-minute plans for tomorrow night.

“So you’ll have to reschedule with Chad? Geez, Em, I don’t understand why you keep saying yes to Barrett!” said Valeria, turning up her collar. “Why not just say no?”

“He has a way about him.” Emily sighed. “I always consider saying no, but I somehow end up saying yes.”

Though they’d never been close or intimate, Emily had known Barrett her entire life—well, not really known him, because they were from very different parts of Haverford Park, but he’d been a peripheral part of her life since birth. The economic nature of the call she’d just shared with him was textbook Barrett: businesslike, methodical and goal-oriented. Emily somehow knew he wasn’t trying to offend her—he was merely taking care of their mutual business as efficiently as possible. It just hurt that he employed efficiency over warmth since it verified what she had suspected for months: Barrett had little to no personal interest in Emily, despite her growing feelings for him.

Valeria continued in the no-nonsense tone she used when student teaching. “Here’s a solution: say no next time. ‘No, Barrett, I refuse to play the part of fake fiancée for you. Take a hike.’ Three words, Em—TAKE. A. HIKE.” Valeria held up three fingers one by one, then tucked them back into the pocket of her pea coat. “Darn, it’s cold.”

“It’s October in Philadelphia.” Emily pointed out.

“Don’t change the subject.”

“Okay, Val. I’ll say no next time. Here goes. ‘No thanks, Barrett. You don’t make me do anything disgusting. You barely say a word to me. I get to dress up in gorgeous clothes I could never afford, have an expensive glass of wine, and enjoy a scrumptious dinner with people who go out of their way to be polite to me. And yes, I’m flat broke and so is my roommate, but no thanks, I don’t want your one-hundred an hour to play your fake fiancée. Keep it.’ How does that sound?”

“Not so smart.”

“I rest my case,” said Emily, though the case was far from closed in her heart and mind, which feuded in a tightly locked conundrum. Lately, her heart murmured that she should walk away from Barrett before her feelings for him grew any stronger, while her head insisted she couldn’t possibly turn her back on the income he offered.


TEB BUWB - Teaser - Love of my life


22376595Falling for Fitz

The English Brothers Book 2

by Katy Regnery

Genre: Short contemporary romance

Date of Publication: 7/27/14

ISBN: 978-0-9912045-3-3

ASIN: B00M72V65C

Number of pages: 165

Word Count: 50,000

Cover Artist: Kim Killion, Hot Damn Designs


Falling for Fitz is the second of five books about the Philadelphia-based, wildly-handsome English brothers who are absolutely not on the look-out for love.

(Except Barrett, who fell in love when he was eight-years-old. And Fitz, who met the girl of his dreams at nineteen. And maybe even Weston, who just doesn’t know it yet.)

Fitz English and Daisy Edwards fell in love during one magical summer when they were teenagers. When something tragic happens at the end of the summer, Daisy tells Fitz she never wants to see him again. Despite his feelings for her, he respects her wishes and for almost a decade Fitz and Daisy go their separate ways.

Nine years later, when Daisy moves home to Philadelphia, they meet again, and both are shocked to discover that the feelings they had that summer are just as deep and real today. There’s a little snag, however. It seems that Daisy is engaged to someone else, and she’s come home to get married.

Can Fitz get Daisy to fall for him all over again before it’s too late? Only if Daisy can learn to trust the man who shattered her heart once upon a time.

Available at Amazon  Amazon UK



CHAPTER 1 (Falling for Fitz)

Fitzpatrick English walked into the ballroom at the Hotel DuPont in Wilmington, Delaware, stood in the doorway and sighed. Unlike Barrett, Alex, and Weston, three of his four brothers, who all enjoyed a night out with the best of Main Line society, Fitz wasn’t a huge fan of these sorts of gatherings. All things equal, he’d just as soon be at home watching college football in sweats and drinking a cold beer, but Barrett had insisted he attend.

“Hello, second-born.”

An arm was suddenly laced through his, and he looked down to find his mother, Eleanora Watters English, beaming at him.

“Evening, Mom.”

“It’s lovely you showed up. I know these things aren’t your favorite.”

Fitz sighed. “Barrett has a way…”

“Barrett had always had a way. However, I will say that the last two months have been void of his usual intensity over business, swapped for his intensity over Emily Edwards. It’s been a refreshing change to see him madly in love with something other than a deal.”

As Eleanora led them through the crowd toward the table Barrett had purchased for them at the Twenty-Third Annual Kindred Hospital Harvest Ball Fundraiser, Fitz caught sight of his older brother. Barrett always looked like James Bond in a tux, to the manor born, while Fitz always felt a bit like an imposter. He knew all the rules of polite society, of course, but it all felt a little stale after so many years of compliance. He longed for something to shake him up as Emily Edwards had shaken up Barrett. Looking ahead, he caught sight of his older brother who had his arm wrapped around Emily’s waist, talking to another couple who had their backs to Fitz. Occasionally Barrett would look down and smile at Emily, and Fitz almost blushed at the intensity in his brother’s gaze. Fitz could barely remember feeling that way about someone. It had only been for such a short time, so long ago, sometimes it felt more like a dream than a brief, caustically significant, part of his life.

“Usual cast of characters tonight?”

“Not exactly. The English have been invaded… by the Edwards,” she said, forced humor thick in her manicured voice. “Emily invited her parents to join us.”

Fitz looked over the heads of a few guests to see Susannah and Felix Edwards sitting at the table. Emily’s father Felix, the head gardener of the family estate, was in an animated conversation with Fitz’s father, Tom, while Emily’s mother, Susannah, spoke tête-à-tête with Weston, who was probably untangling some crisis of the heart with their beloved housekeeper.

“I assume nine and ten are Alex and whomever he brought with him tonight?”

“No, dearest.” Eleanora stopped them a few feet from the table, and turned to look at Fitz, her eyes careful, but searching. “I did say an invasion by the Edwards. Felix and Susannah are practically family these days. They wouldn’t exactly constitute an invasion.”

Fitz stared at his mother’s face, not understanding her meaning. “But there are no other Edwards… Felix, Susannah, and Emily, that’s all—”

Suddenly he jerked his head around to look at the couple Barrett and Emily were talking to. From behind, the woman had long, straight blond hair, just like Emily’s, that ended in the center of her bare back. He narrowed his eyes, squinting, as he made out the light brown birthmark that looked like a heart, right in the center of her lower back, right over the midnight blue silk that covered her perfect ass. He had a sudden, blinding flashback to staring at that birthmark over tiny, bright yellow bikini bottoms, and his heart kicked into a gallop.

“Daisy Edwards,” he murmured, exhaling the contents of his lungs.

As though she heard him or sensed him, Daisy turned her neck, catching sight of him as her chin rested on her shoulder. His heart slammed behind his ribs as she blinked in surprise, and her eyes widened. Their eyes stayed locked on each other, spellbound and greedy, until Emily said something to Daisy, and she turned back quickly to face her cousin. The ten or twelve feet apart from her was suddenly unbearable and as though Fitz was made of iron and she was a magnet, he felt pulled to her in an uncompromising way, compelled to move closer to the force of nature that was Daisy Edwards.

His mother’s arm, still linked with his, stopped him.

“It was a million years ago, Fitz.”

It didn’t feel like a million years ago. Nine years slipped away and suddenly it felt like yesterday.

“It was for the best,” insisted Eleanora.

It didn’t feel like it had been for the best. Not at the time and not now and not every time he thought of her between then and now.

“I thought she was in Oregon,” he said tightly.

“She was. She’s moved back east. Her mother’s passed and her father’s all she has left.”

“She’s moved to Philly? Did you know?”

“No,” replied his mother. “I didn’t even know she was coming tonight. Emily invited her at the last minute when Stratton refused to come.”

His breath caught as Daisy gathered her hair in her hands and twirled it once, then settled it over one shoulder, baring her neck to him. The graceful line made his mouth water, made his fingers twitch, made a hundred buried memories fight for his attention.

“Listen to me, Fitz,” said his mother, leaning closer to his ear. “There’s something else you need to know.”

Fitz tore his eyes from Daisy and looked at his mother, commanded by the seriousness of her tone. “You may not have noticed, but she isn’t alone.”

He whipped his head around and for the first time he noticed that the man standing beside her was holding her hand, with his fingers laced possessively through Daisy’s. His mother’s voice was close to his ear and delivered the words he somehow knew were coming, though it didn’t lessen the impact of the blow.

“She’s come home for another reason, dearest. Daisy’s getting married.”


TEB - FFF Teaser


22837526Anyone but Alex

The English Brothers Book 3

by Katy Regnery

Genre: Short contemporary romance

Number of pages: 210

Word Count: 55,000

Cover Artist: Kim Killion, Hot Damn Designs


Anyone but Alex is the third of five books about the Philadelphia-based, wildly-handsome English brothers who are all on the look-out for love.

(Sort of. Barrett and Fitz are officially off the market, Alex has sampled every piece of available ass from Rittenhouse Square to the Liberty Bell, Stratton can’t see to see what’s right in front of him, and don’t even get me started on the youngest English brother, Weston…)

Alex English, the well-known man whore of the country club set, has always preferred to play the field, eschewing a chance with Miss Right for a satisfying quickie with Miss Right-Now. But after seeing his two older brothers take the plunge, something has been aching inside of Alex, and no amount of casual sex is filling the void in his heart.

Jessica Winslow, whose older brothers are best friends with the English brothers, has returned home from a fifteen-year stay in England, only to find herself face-to-face with her childhood crush, Alex English, on her first night home. She’s heard all the rumors, but Jessie remembers the older boy who was so kind to her as a child, and can’t help reaching out to Alex in friendship.

Between disapproving brothers, scheming exes, and the biggest business deal of English & Sons’ illustrious history, Alex and Jessie’s budding romance is going to be put to the test. The question is…will it be strong enough to be their happily-ever-after?



(Anyone but Alex)

Alex pressed the elevator call button, then turned to look at the opulent lobby as he waited.

Gold-gilded mirrors made the space look even larger and grander as objects multiplied into eternity. Objects like an ornate lamp sconce, a silk brocaded loveseat, or the delectable curve of a woman’s bare back in a black satin evening gown. Delighted by such an appealing distraction, Alex turned around slowly, his eyes sweeping past the sconce and loveseat to the woman on the far side of the room. She was tall and thin, and the very simple, sleek lines of her dress showed every curve: of her waist, her hips, her tight, round ass. The low V of the draped back cut-out stopped at the base of her spine, and he followed the line back up to her neck, which was swan-like: long and elegant. Her jet-black hair, the same color as the dress, was long enough to be worn over one shoulder, the thick, shiny strands waving uniformly, void of any decoration.

From behind, she was a goddess, and as the elevator rang to announce its arrival, Alex ignored it, staring at the back of the stunning creature who held a black coat over one arm, looking out the plate glass window onto the rain-soaked sidewalk, as though waiting for someone to find her.

“Alex? Alex English?”

Alex whipped his head to the voice coming out of the elevator and was surprised to see his good friend, Cameron Winslow, step toward him wearing a tux and a cheerful smile.

“Hell, I thought that was you!”

“Cam. Good to see you.” Alex cleared his throat, darting a quick look at the woman by the window, who hadn’t turned around, before looking back at his old friend. “What are you doing here?”

Cam reached out his hand and took Alex’s in a hearty shake. “Didn’t you know? I moved here. I bought a condo upstairs.”

“I had no idea.”

Cam grinned, nodding. “Closer to work. Closer to fun, eh, Professor?”

“It’s a great neighborhood,” said Alex, holding back a cringe at his college nickname. “I’m just around the corner.”

“The old make-out pad, eh?”

“You know me,” said Alex, by rote, knowing the words were expected.

“Yes, I do, and I thank God I wasn’t born a woman.”

“Not that I’d bang your ugly mug if you were.”

“I don’t know how you do it.”

Lately, I don’t. Not like I used to.

He forced a well-known Alex English smirk. “I love the ladies, Cam. Have to keep them happy.”

Cam chuckled. “Hey, did you get my message about squash the Thursday after next?”

“After Thanksgiving? No. Are we still on?”

“As long as you’re up for an ass-whipping. Chris wants to play too, so I suggested doubles. Can you get Fitz or Stratton on board?”

“I’ll work on it.”

“Great.” Cam looked around the lobby for a moment, then, after catching sight of the girl in black by the window, returned his glance to Alex. The change in his face was unmistakable, shifting from congenial to wary on a dime. “Well, I guess I better be going.”

Alex raised an eyebrow flicking his chin toward the goddess. “Is she with you?”

Cam’s eyes narrowed just a touch. “In a manner of speaking.”

“What manner might that be?”

“It’s not like that,” said Cam sharply, and Alex heard the warning in his friend’s voice. Cam’s lips tightened to a straight line as he looked at the girl and then back at Alex. “You don’t recognize her?”

Alex shrugged. “Should I?”

“No,” grunted Cam, looking increasingly annoyed. “It doesn’t matter. Hands off. She’s not for you.”

“Protective, aren’t we, Winslow? Why not let the lady decide?”

“No, Alex. Not this lady,” said Cam in warning, which surprised Alex, because if she was Cam’s girlfriend, Cam should have just said that, but he hadn’t.

“What makes this one so special?” asked Alex.

Cam’s eyes were icy as he stared at Alex, never dropping his friend’s eyes as he called, “Jessica!” in the girl’s direction.

Alex looked away from Cam to watch the goddess turn around slowly. If Alex had been rendered almost speechless by the perfection of her back, the wind was knocked out of him as he caught sight of her face.

Her black hair curled down over her shoulder in soft waves, but she pushed it back as she stepped toward Cameron. Her skin was so light and flawless that her bowed, red-painted lips drew his eyes like a beacon, and when she smiled, his heart stopped beating for just a second, as if stunned or disbelieving. He raised his gaze to her eyes and found himself captivated by a green so clear and impossible, it made her eyes sparkle like emeralds behind long, dark lashes. She gazed with warmth at Cameron Winslow, the lucky bastard, as she moved gracefully across the marble floor. Out of respect for his friend’s claim on her, Alex was careful not to drop his eyes hungrily to her body, but peripherally, he could see her breasts, high and full, pushed against the thick satin of her dress. The deep V-plunge in the neckline meant the valley between her breasts was on full, luscious display, and his fingers twitched with longing by his sides, the word touch, touch, touch circling around his head like a magic spell.

His mouth watered as she came closer, bringing with her the scent of tea rose. She cocked her head to the side and her eyes widened in recognition as she looked at Alex. Something pinged in his memory, but his mind was at sixes and sevens, blown away by her beauty, unable to process that yes, she did look a little familiar to him.

Stopping next to Cameron, she grinned back at Alex merrily.

“Jessica,” said Cam tightly, “I don’t know if you’ll remember–”

“Alex English,” she said in a lightly accented voice. “Of course.”

No doubt noting the blank expression on his face, she laughed softly. “But I am fairly certain he doesn’t remember me.”

“I … I’m so sorry I don’t–”

Alex’s brain had ceased working the moment she’d turned around, but he was suddenly struck again by the brilliance of her eyes, and flicking a quick glance to Cameron, he realized the color was almost the same. Oh, my God. She’s—You’re—

“By George, I think he’s got it!”

“Jessica,” murmured Alex. “Jessie? Jessie Winslow?”

“The very same,” she answered, chuckling again.

“The last time I saw you, you were seven-years-old…”


Fourteen years ago.

Without thinking, he dropped his eyes from her face to the creamy skin of her neck, following the graceful line of her throat to her breasts, still lower, down to her waist—

“Alex,” warned Cam with genuine menace, making Alex’s neck snap back up. “If you don’t stop checking out my little sister, God help me, it’ll be the last thing you ever do.”


7211470Author Info:

Katy Regnery, Amazon bestselling author, has always loved telling a good story and credits her mother with making funny, heartwarming tales come alive throughout her childhood. A lifelong devotee of all romance writing, from Edwardian to present-day, it was just a matter of time before Katy tried her hand at writing a love story of her own.

As it turned out, one love story turned into a series of six Heart of Montana romances, following the love lives of the Yellowstone-based Lindstrom siblings. When Katy’s fans asked her to turn up the heat, she wrote the New Adult/Adult Contemporary hybrid romance, Playing for Love at Deep Haven, which offered steamier romance to her readers. Katy is also proud to offer The Vixen and the Vet, a standalone romance that benefited Operation Mend, an organization that helps heal the returning wounded of our armed services. The English Brothers is Katy’s second series and first indie series.

Katy lives in the relative wilds of northern Fairfield County, Connecticut, where her writing room looks out at the woods, and her husband, two young children, and two dogs create just enough cheerful chaos to remind her that the very best love stories of all are the messy and unexpected ones.

Twitter: @KatyRegnery





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The English Brothers Series Banner 851 x 315

Spotlight – Facing the Music


, ,

We looked at this one already a couple of months ago but I’m super excited about it so I had to share it again.  It’s an interesting, and humorous, look at the not-so-fun side of celebrity.


FacingTheMusicCoverFacing The Music

Author: Andrea Laurence

Publisher: Pocket Star

Release Date: September 15, 2014

Genre: Contemporary Romance


In this sizzling and hilarious contemporary e-book romance, pop sensation Ivy Hudson returns to her small town to face her ex. Only trouble is, she made her Taylor-Swift-like career with the hit song “Size Matters”—and the football hero has had to live it down ever since.

Five years ago, high school sweethearts Ivy and Blake’s relationship imploded and both their lives were changed forever. Ivy became a rock star and Blake lost not only his dreams of a successful NFL career, but his reputation. Ivy’s angry song about their breakup, called “Size Matters,” hit the top of the charts and Blake became a national laughingstock. He’s salvaged his career and returned to Rosewood to be the high school football coach, regaining his status as town hero and leading the boys to the state championships.

When a tornado whips through town and destroys the high school gymnasium and stadium, a committee is formed to help rebuild and plan some charity fundraisers. Blake’s grandmother requests that Ivy return to Rosewood for the events. Forced back together for the good of their hometown and their careers, Ivy and Blake have no choice but to put aside their differences, stop running from their pasts, and finally face the music.

For fans of Kristen Proby and Colette Auclair, Facing the Music hits a perfect balance between small-town romance and big-time success. Follow Ivy and Blake as they fall back in love and figure out what does matter in the end…


Barnes and Noble:





Ivy pressed her hands against Blake’s shoulders, pushing him gently until he was lying back on the blanket.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“Whatever I want to.”

Blake arched his eyebrow at her, but he didn’t complain. He held perfectly still as her nimble fingers moved down the front of his shirt, undoing each button and exposing the expanse of skin beneath it. Her palms ran over his skin, relishing the feel of his chest hair tickling her hands. She leaned forward, letting her tongue glide along his collarbone, and then she crept down his body to the button of his jeans.

“Your hair tickles,” he said.

Ivy gathered up the long, wavy strands of her hair into one hand and swept them over her shoulder. “Do you want me to stop?”

“Not on your life,” he said between tightly gritted teeth as her fingertips brushed the edge of his waistband.

“That’s what I thought,” she said with a smile. “Now, stop complaining.”

Ivy settled between his legs, resting on her knees as she unbuttoned his jeans. She tugged at his back pockets, pulling his jeans down the length of his legs and throwing them out of her way. She moved back over him doing the same with his underwear, which thankfully, this time, were a pair of charcoal-gray boxers. They slid easily out of her way, leaving nothing between her and her goal.

She leisurely traveled back up his legs. Her fingertips gently brushed along the puckered pink scars of his calf and across his kneecap. By the time she reached his upper thigh, he was nearly trembling. Ivy wasn’t sure if it was with anticipation, emotion, or pain.

His hand reached out and snatched her wrist as she moved higher. “This hardly seems fair,” he said. “You’re wearing entirely too much clothing for me to be wearing so little.”

“Who’s doing this? You or me?”

Blake acquiesced and released her hand. He crossed his arms behind his head, giving himself an excellent vantage point for overseeing her activities. “You are, ma’am.”

“That’s right. Now are you going to keep critiquing everything I do, or do I need to put something in your mouth to shut you up?”

A wicked grin crossed Blake’s face as he looked at her. “May I offer a suggestion?”

“I have several ideas of my own,” she said.


AndreaLaurence (1)Author Info:

Andrea Laurence has been a lover of reading and writing stories since she learned to read at a young age. She always dreamed of seeing her work in print and is thrilled to finally be able to share her special blend of sensuality and dry, sarcastic humor with the world. A dedicated West Coast girl transplanted into the Deep South, she’s working on her own “happily ever after” with her boyfriend and their collection of animals including a Siberian Husky that sheds like nobody’s business.







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FacingTheMusicTeaser (1)

Spotlight – Playing for Passion boxed set


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Now time to look at a deliciously sexy set of sports themed romances!




Playing for Passion
by Allie K Adams, Bianca Sommerland, Carly Phillips, Catherine Gayle, Chelle Bliss, Dakota Madison, Jami Davenport, Mindy KlaskyPamela Aares, Roz Lee, Toni Aleo, V.K. Sykes
Publication Date: September 15, 2014
Genres: Anthology, Contemporary, Romance, Sports

Release Day Launch: Playing for Passion Boxed Set

Purchase from AmazonPurchase from KoboPurchase from iBookstore 

Love is the name of the game in this limited-edition boxed set of sizzling sports romances. Twelve New York Times bestselling, USA Today bestselling, and award-winning authors put you right in the action with scintillating stories of hot athletes and the women who prove love is the ultimate game-changer.

Dare to Love by Carly Phillips: Riley Taylor believes herself immune to domineering men—until charismatic team owner Ian Dare turns a kiss into an assault on her senses and she learns she likes his brand of control in the bedroom. They complete each other, but Riley’s past is closer than she cares to remember—and her struggles against Ian’s dominance might cost her everything.

Breaking Away by Toni Aleo: Phillip and Reese are happy in their single lives. They do what, who, and how they want, but from the moment they meet, attraction is undeniable. Soon, they’re willing to get tangled in the sheets. But one night turns into two, and two into three, until they find themselves in a repeated dance of “One Last Time” that has the potential to be more.

Hook Me by Chelle Bliss: Michael Gallo found his calling in life—he wants to kick ass. The title is no longer enough—he must capture the woman of his dreams.

Bigger than Beckham by V.K. Sykes: Sports mogul and soccer star Tony Branch takes one look at sexy Martha Winston and her soccer team and decides he wants both. But Martha has no intention of submitting to Tony’s demands—until he gives her no choice!

Love Bats Last by Pamela Aares: The baseball diamond isn’t the only field for all-star Alex Tavonesi; he also runs his family’s prestigious vineyard. But what he can’t seem to run is his love life. When love’s in the game you can’t play it safe…

Schooling the Player by Allie K. Adams: Women throw themselves at star pitcher Zach “Breaker” Evans, and he plays the field. When curvy Becca Porter moves in next door and treats him as nothing more than a neighbor, he goes all-out for her attention. One night, one party, and one winner-takes-all bet, changes everything.

Crashing the Boards by Jami Davenport: Professional party crasher Izzy Maxwell needs team captain and reluctant party guest Cooper Black’s cooperation, but he can’t get past his hockey team’s relocation to Seattle. Can Izzy melt his frozen heart or will this party crash along with her fledgling business?

Breakaway by Catherine Gayle: Dana Campbell’s panic attacks make it impossible for her to have a normal relationship with a man. She asks her brother’s best friend, Eric Zellinger, for help. As the captain of the struggling Portland Storm, he can’t lose focus—but he can’t say no to Dana, either.

Perfect Pitch by Mindy Klasky: When cocky star pitcher DJ Thomas slams reigning beauty queen Samantha Winger in an interview, Sam seduces him even as she uses their notoriety to promote her kids music program. Can Sam and DJ’s blazing relationship survive when DJ’s son begs to trade Little League for music class?

Inside Heat by Roz Lee: Identical twins Jeff and Jason Holder share everything on and off the field, including Megan Long. When Jeff is injured, he could lose everything he loves: Megan, his brother, and his career. It’s going to take more than physical therapy to mend relationships and get him back on the mound. It’s all fun and games until someone falls in love.

Fire on Ice by Dakota Madison: Firestorm Center Kian Kavanagh dominates the ice like a rock star on stage. After Taylor Thompson’s heart was shattered by her high school’s most popular jock, she vowed never to date another athlete, but after a chance meeting with Kian, Taylor’s walls are in danger of being burned down by Mr. Fire on Ice.

Game Misconduct by Bianca Sommerland: Oriana Delgado’s father owns the Dartmouth Cobras, but he doesn’t own her. When he treats her future like another play, she changes the rules and picks her own lineup. But the intended deke turns into the real thing, and the game can’t be won in one lusty night.

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Spotlight – Kidnapping the Brazilian Tycoon



Now we’re going to take another look at Carmen Falcone’s oh-so-sexy Brazilian Tycoon … I think the cover says it all :)


KtBT CoverKidnapping the Brazilian Tycoon

by Carmen Falcone

Publication Date: August 18th

Genres: Contemporary Romance


Passion was never in the bargain

Addison Reed lost her fiancé, but she’ll do whatever it takes to protect his legacy. When the gorgeous and arrogant landowner, Brazilian billionaire Bruno Duarte, who is thwarting her at every turn, refuses to meet with her, she puts her plan into action.

He will listen to her 

Bruno’s plan was simple: return to Brazil and marry to fulfill his father’s dying wish. But when his engagement crumbles, and he’s then stranded with an idealistic woman hell-bent on saving a tribe of people on his land, he sees the perfect solution. If his feisty and passionate abductor agrees to a bogus marriage, he’ll relocate the tribe.

With the Brazilian heat rivaling the growing heat of their desire, will Bruno and Addison abandon their respective plans and give in to each other, or will their differences tear them apart?

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He watched his homeland through the tinted windows. The dull drive from the airport, which started with cars flying by on the highway lined with run-down businesses, shifted to hectic traffic as they drove into the bustling beach neighborhoods of Copacabana and Ipanema. The driver took the long way, and a slow, nostalgic smile spread across Bruno’s face.

Rio de Janeiro. The stretch of concrete slated between green mountains and the dark blue ocean. Modernity, nature, and beauty all in one place. It was early morning, and as they drove past the beaches, women dressed in small bikinis had already laid their towels and chairs on the white sand. Street vendors sold souvenir knickknacks and colorful embroidered sarongs to the tourists. But the organized chaos vanished from view when he contemplated the sun-dappled, inviting sea.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” Addie said, looking over his shoulder.

“Breathtaking, isn’t it?” He turned to her and witnessed a sense of wonder in her eyes.

When she noticed his attention, she quickly shifted in her seat and shook her head. “I was actually talking about the amount of men wearing Speedos.”

He couldn’t avoid a hearty laugh. “It’s best to leave some mystery for the imagination.”

She stared at him. “Or in your case, a lot.”

He broadened his smile. “That’s quite bold for someone who claimed sex is out of the picture. But I’m flattered you’ve noticed.”

She cleared her throat. “I meant your…” She sighed. “I was talking about how mysterious you are.”

He forced his lips down in feigned disappointment, enjoying her uneasiness. “And here I thought you had a change of heart.”

She inhaled and shot him an unforgiving glance, then continued her annoying interview. “Do you come to Rio often?”

“I only came here once.”

“Really? That’s odd. Doesn’t your family live here?”

He squared his shoulders. “They do. But we used to live somewhere else.”


“That doesn’t concern you.” Talking to her was like opening a highly infected virus file and hoping not to lose data.

She shook her head. “So you say. If we are married, aren’t we supposed to know everything about each other?”

“What is it with women and this obsession for knowing everything?”

She arched an eyebrow. “Thirst for knowledge?”

“Then I’ll have to leave you dry.”

“You’re no fun.” She stuck out her tongue.

Oh, the better ways he could use her tongue. “I could show you how much fun I am.”

“Trying to trick me with sex? This does feel like a real marriage.”

So did her habit of disarming him with her sense of humor.

It was his turn to smile. This woman was dangerous.

And he liked it.

Oh, he liked it.


Photography created by www.CassStudios.comAuthor Info:

Carmen Falcone learned at an early age that fantasizing about fictional characters beats doing math homework any day. Brazilian by birth and traveler by nature, she moved to Central Texas after college and met her broody Swiss husband—living proof that opposites attract. She found in writing her deepest passion and the best excuse to avoid the healthy lifestyle everyone keeps talking about. When she’s not lost in the world of romance, she enjoys spending time with her two kids, being walked by her three crazy pugs, reading, catching up with friends, and chatting with random people in the checkout line.

She loves to procrastinate, so please indulge her and drop her a line at

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